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    Just came today I have Q's

    Well my system just came today but I'm too sick to play with it but I have Q's
    So this has life time warranty? Do ihave todo any thing?
    How long does the batteries last or should I get recharge pack?
    Does this system need fans? If not why does it have fan ports?
    Have any skins been made for it?

    I'm sure that after I use it their will be more Q's

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    1) Don't know that there is anything you need to do special for the warranty
    2) From my experience the system will run all day on double A batteries
    3) I think the fans are an optional accessory. Whether you need them depends on where you live and the outside temp. I've been using in Texas without a problem but it is just now getting over 100 here. If you are in Phoenix or running on black asphalt in the middle of the day they could be useful. I think maybe using a shade of some type might be sufficient otherwise.
    4) I'm not aware of any skins.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod306 View Post
    Does this system need fans? If not why does it have fan ports?
    What's the size for those fans?
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    Traxxas part number 3340 will fit perfectly in the DTS-1 unit.

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