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    noob tekno axle?

    Slash 4x4 just havin fun with my daughter. No racing just having fun how do i set these up? Bought front and rear tired of cleaning stock axles. Wich rear hub carrier wich hole? Which bump set up for front? Stock is OK but with all available adjustments I know it can be better but don't know where to start. I don't want to spend a ton of time experimenting just want to install these and not worry about it. Thanks for the help.

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    The Tekno axles give you so many setup options you almost need to expirement with them to find the setup that fits your driving style the best. I only run the rear axles now (just waiting for the front stockers to break) I only run my Slash offroad and I have found the 4* toe in works best for me. I dont recall what hole I used for my camber setting... I think its the top center on the carrier and the outer hole on the chassis but I have it set so my tires are almost vertical (leaning inward just a lil maybe 1*) with a battery and the body installed. This setup along with the black sway bar seems to really help the rear tires stick to the ground under hard acceleration while cornering
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    The instructions tell you which holes to use to get to stock spec. If you don't want to experiment then just go with that. I didn't like the ridiculous rear toe in on my ultimate so I swapped the bearing carriers to the opposite sides. I don't race so I don't need that extra stability and would like better tire life when running on the street.
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