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    Battery Quality ?

    I have a slash 4x4 had it 2 months Bought 2 extra batteries as reccomended by lhs when I bought the truck. All 3 batteries have same run time all are 8.4 nimh, traxxas is 3000 mah extras are 5100 mah. On a fresh charge the Traxxas battery seems to have alot more power than the aftermarket ones. Is the Traxxas battery that much better? How big of a quality difference is there in batteries? Is it a you get what you pay for?

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    I had the same thing you had. When I got my slash I bought a extra nimh battery that was 4000mah and I paid $45 for it. My traxxas battery, after about 500 runs (No joke) has about a run time of 15- 20 min. My "higher quality" battery has about 100-150 runs on it, but its run time is only about 5-10 min long. After I got the extra battery fully charged and ready to go for the first time, I plugged it in and there was very little power. I had to check if it was in training mode, but no, it was just a bad battery! Looking back I wish I'd of bought a Traxxas high power 4000 mah battery for $35. It would have saved me alot of money, and headaces! Just my .2!
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    The better nimh's have matched cells which make a stronger, more reliable battery, and in your case a longer lasting battery.
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    If the cells in a Nimh pack are matched there will be labels on the cells displaying the individual performance numbers for each cell. If there aren't any labels, the cells are not truely matched.
    For the record, there are can be dramatic differences in Nimh cell quality from one brand to the next.

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