Is there anyone using Mamba Max Pro ESC with the stock 775 motor? Can anyone share some experience?

I've run into a reasonably priced used MMP and am thinking about using that with the stock 775 motor for now. I like the MMP's great configuration options (throttle curves, brake %, etc) and the flexibility of being able to use brushed, sensored and sensorless brushless motors.

I do crawling and trail running almost exclusively, so the truck is in low gear 95% of the time. ESC and motor is stock, I only wish the EVX-2 had more options to customize it to my taste. The MMP can fulfill that, I could just replace the EVX-2 with it and keep running with the 775 motor until that dies. Then I could just replace it with a 1600-1700KV brushless motor or another 775, could even go back and forth between BL and brushed. I'm really sold on the flexibility and config options of the MMP.

Am I nuts?