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Thread: mamba monster

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    mamba monster

    Im running 2 x 2s 5400mah lipos in my summit that has a brushless mamba monster 2650kv. At the moment im running the batteries in parallel. If i run the batteries in series will that give me more power and can the mamba esc handle it.

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    Series = doubling the voltage and much more power. It also means many more broken Summit parts. Mamba Monster can handle 2x 2S and 2x 3S easily.
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    KSB got me again

    A fully charged 2s is 8.4v.7.4v is nominal voltage
    running in parallel doubles your mah(runtime) So that would be 8.4 v 10,800 mah
    in series it is 5400 mah at 16.8v
    Double the power be careful its a dramatic difference in power.
    Much harder on the truck and driveline.
    It is capable of 6s but that's just too much for this truck in my opinion

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