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    More gearing questions

    Dear all,

    just upgraded my slash 2wd brushed to the turn igy ********* 8.5t from HK;

    Can Size: 540
    Turns: 8.5
    RPM/v: 3983kv
    Poles: 2
    Sensored: Yes (Standard 6 pin harness)
    Max voltage: 7.4~11.1V (2~3S)
    Max Current: 33A
    Max Watts: 365w
    Resistance: 0.0141ohm
    No Load Current: 5.8A
    Shaft Size: 3.175mm
    Can Diameter: 36mm
    Can Length: 51.5mm
    Weight: 158g

    and this ********* ESC on a 3s lipo

    Cont. Current: 100A
    Burst Current: 200A
    Car Size: 1/10th
    Battery: 2-3 Cell Lipo
    L-BEC: 5.0V / 2A Output
    Motor Type: Sensored or Sensorless Brushless
    Size: 40.5 x 37.5 x 24mm
    Weight: 45g
    Battery Plug: Required
    On/Off Switch: Yes
    Reverse: Yes
    Thermal Overload Protection: Yes
    Battery Terminals: 12AWG size
    Motor Terminals: 12AWG size

    Problem is that it's running pretyy hot with the stock gearing (19t pinion 90t spur). I went down 1 tooth on de pinion (18t) and it seems to get even hotter (could be me, don't have a temp gun).

    I have now ordered a 16t pinion and a 92t spur which will hopefully make things better. But will it? I noticed that in some cases a larger pinion (let's say 20t) made the motor and esc cooler. I guess this would have to do with less rpm's? Then again it will also increase the load on the motor so I think I'm not understanding it fully.

    I was running it (as a test) on the street and on some gravel but it should work offroad (there's a small track close to my house). After 10 minutes or so the thermal protection kicks in (which kind of s*cks as it also cuts power to the steering servo, not very nice when this happes while going pretty fast).

    Anybody willing to shine a light on this? Am I turning into the wrong direction?

    Thanks guys!
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