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    Question New hardware, needs tuning - questions!

    Hey Guys -
    I got my new motor and turn fins yesterday. Got them installed last night. WoW! that motor has some torque! I used my 25c 2s 4000mah Lipo with it today, and it is very smooth and controllable.

    I do have some questions though, as i might have to tweak some things. It would be AWESOME if anyone has some suggestions.

    1. When it's running near full throttle, it leans to the starboard side - a lot.

    2. It also wants to pull left, again quite a bit. It's controllable, but annoying.

    3. It will turn left ON A DIME, and usually at high speeds (Turn fins?) but it won't turn right worth a crap. I have to slow way down.

    I can't figure this out, just by looking at the drag items (turn fins, water pickups, -they are even) so any ideas?

    I have linked a few photos so you can see my setup.

    Interior - Hardware
    Leopard 3650 Motor - 2450kv
    Proboat 60A Esc
    Stock blast servo
    Traxxas 2.4ghz radio
    2s 25c 4000mah lipo



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    Wicked setup there! Looks pretty cramped inside.
    Land of the free?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorStuff View Post
    Wicked setup there! Looks pretty cramped inside.
    Yes, it's very cramped. I had to change my mounting for the radio box to be able to fit the large Proboat ESC

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