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    Started tuning my new clutch and...

    So I got a Buku clutch, I got it up and running well, but then it seemed to bind up becuase the flywheel started rubbing on the block. Even with EVERY brass shim, it still rubbed. This my be a dumb question or a big mess up on my behalf, but was I supposed to put the shims on, then the brass sleeve, then the flywheel? I have the brass shim still in the bag it came it. Perhaps I forgot to install that...

    I forgot the instructions at home.

    Thanks... i just need to get the flywheel off the block so it spins freely again.

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    Yes you put the shims on first followed by the brass tapered collet then the flywheel. You should be ok once you do that. Try to use the least amount of brass shims possible for your flywheel clearance that way you will be able to put on the clutch bell and have the right amount of play you need for the clutch to give you the best performance. Best of luck to you!
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