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    Fall-out straps? help save axles?

    I broke an outer axle u-joint, because I stiffened the springs to keep from bottoming out on jumps. Had this random idea to use (shock)/(fall-out) straps like a real trophy truck. Any thoughts?

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    in my opnion the LT rocker arms makes the suspension very soft and it will bottom out all the time. you will bottom out less if u change the rockers to the P2 rockers from the merv. Plus the angles the LT rockers and the rear a arms add extra stress to the shafts. Change the stock summit shafts to the merv shafts they are alot stronger and supriseingly (cant spell) stronger then the summit shafts.

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    The straps have the same effect as putting spacers in the shocks.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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