New to this stuff and just bought this E-Revo new. I was using a Traxxas charger for the first 4 days with no problems.
I bought a new Onyx 240 and 2 Venom 5000 Nimh batteries from
I charged both the new 5000 batteries and the 3000 batteries that came with the truck on the new Onyx charger. Th charger says they are at 10.22 volts when they are done charging. I put the new batteries with the 'full' charge in the truck. they only lasted about 3 minutes. ??
Not sure what thats about. I charge the 3000 batteries that came with the truck on same Onyx charger. They to say 10.14 volts when charger say they are complete.
Now the truck will not move when full charge batteries are installed. The steering turns but the throttle will do nothing. The LED flashes red/green/red/green etc.... The only way to stop the LED from flashing is to unplug the batteries.
I took truck back to hobby store I bought it from. They hooked up a different set of batteries and it worked fine. ???
They told me the batteries are dead. Hmmmmm ??
I came home and check all my batteries with a volt meter. Sure enough, they all have 9.8 volts. I put them on the Onyx charger and it says they have 10.1 volts.
I hook the truck back up to the batteries and light flashes red/green/red/green etc... again.
So what is going on? Did the Onyx charger ruin my batteries but yet show 10+ volts?
Any help would be thankful