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    lipo discharge rating question?

    I am about to buy a LiPo and am not sure if it will be enough to handle my motors current...
    the 3000 NiMh stock Traxxas pack I have is really good but I hear LIPO is WAY BETTER!
    after all the research I have done here is what I came up with.

    the motor is 5000 rpm per volt at 7.2 volt the motor chart says it draws 280 Watt
    so if my math is right??? it would be 280/7.2 = 38,88 amps (ohms law or somethin like that)
    and from what I have read about LIPO (I know very little about lipo except that if they are not taken care of and or abused they will Catch Fire!)

    the math is mah / 1000 * C (discharge) = amps that it can put out...???
    so am I able to buy a 5000mah 30c LIPO because it will power 150amp??
    I am Very Confused about this!

    will my 38 amp Motor kill a 35c Lipo? I don't wanna set my truck on fire like what I've seen on U tube!

    oh! I have one of those neat little Clip On Amp Meter and it says that 2 amps is going through the wires with the wheels in the air... soo that makes me think that the math is WAY OFF! how does "38amp" turn into 2 amp coming from a meter in my hands...???

    any advice is good advice and thank you
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    pm'd you.....

    without knowing the power supply you are using hard to say.

    MMM need a min of 120 amps so, Traxxas only sells 25c. but check out the PM
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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