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    I've been researching for the past few week on the parts I should order to build up a bulletproof EMaxx and this is what I've come up with. It started with me buying a TMaxx from a friend and wanting to convert it to brushless. I then ended up getting the 3908 rolling chassis from lumidave and it has snowballed into a pretty expensive build. I'm going to leave the TMaxx alone and not touch it. Its my first nitro rc fwiw.
    I'm at work offshore for 2 more weeks (been out here 4 already..) and I'll have 4 weeks off when I get home. Hopefully everything is waiting for me when I get there and I can have some monster truck fun! My wife will be opening all my packages and sending me pics of everything as it comes. I've already received the rolling chassis and a few other things. Here's my list of parts I just pulled the trigger on on eBay. If there are other things I should order please let me know. I'm opened to all advice as this will be my first monster truck...well I guess the TMaxx was but it's arrived while I've been at work..

    EMaxx 3908 Rolling Chassis
    Traxxas EMaxx blue & Black body
    FLM10700 LCG Chassis
    FLM Ultimate hybrid bulk
    -TA 5k diff fluid
    -TA 3k diff fluid
    -HPI 86598 13x16x.2mm shims x 20
    Losi LST2 XXL CVDs
    -HPI 101060 Cups x2
    Tekno Axel Carriers with 17mm adapters
    -HPI 96710 8x12x.8 shims x2
    -TA 15x21x4 bearings x 10
    Proline 3.8 trenchers on offset wheels
    RPM 80462 A-Arms x 4
    T-Bone racing front and rear bumpers with T-Bar
    FLM19000 Shock Towers
    Traxxas 4962 Big Bore shocks
    Castle Mamba Monster 2200kv motor
    Robinson Racing Double disk slipper
    Robinson Racing Hardened steel 60T spur
    Robinson Racing Extra Hard 15T, 24T pinion
    HPI Flux Blur esc (already have)
    Spektrum SR3100 for DX3s
    Hot Racing TM3348x bellcrank
    Hitec HS-7954sh servo

    Not much so far

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