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    Question Which sand tire does best ?

    Hi all,
    Just got my slayer pro today. YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I wanna ask u guys to see which Pro-line sand tire do best on beach ride.

    I gotta put the Mo-hawk in front but ain't sure which I should use on the rear.

    The Sling Shot ?? or the Sand Paw 2.2 ?

    The Sand Paw looks awesome but ain't sure will fit under the slayer body cuz' the tires looks kinda big due to the scoop they had..

    Please let me know...


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    I would go with the sling shot. It SHOULD fit with the slayer body, and it has the most good reviews on it. Either way, have fun with them, they will make some great sand roosters!
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    It looks like the Sand Paw abit "Bigger" then Sling Shot ? no ?
    Anyhow I order both just to see...... will let u guys know the result. :-)

    I also order the center diff. and sway bar...

    Do anyone had experience on how to install them ?
    Try to google it but all I see just the Revo..... (*_*)!

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    I have a pair of sling shot and they work good, but actually after I put badlands on all 4 tires they hook up on everything and do better on sand than the sling shots. Ive always wondered if running 2 different tires on a 4 wheel drive truck put extra stress on the drive train.

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