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    Exclamation Charging Frustration ...

    hello - im really tired of trying to figure this out.
    i have spent ALL my afternoon reading and flipping from web sites to web sites and forums to forums ....
    - i have a new thunder ac6 charger / discharger / balancer.
    - i have my traxxas 7 cell 8.4 3000mah battery (that came with my rtr rustler)

    before getting this new charger i was simply plugging the battery straight into the wall via the included wall charger that came with the car.

    ive just acquired the charger and would like to run a cycle of a discharge and a recharge.

    i can see how to make changes within the settings of the unit so i can navigate around but i just do not understand what are the setting i should be changing for my specific needs.

    Heres what the "NiMH - CHARGER" window looks like,

    NiMH CHARGE(theres a space) Aut
    CUR LIMIT (theres a space) 0.3A

    which of these setting above should be changed and to what please.

    ================================================== ========
    Heres what the "NiMH - DISCHARGE" window looks like,

    1.0 (theres a space) 8.4V

    which of these setting above should be changed and to what please.

    any help GREATLY apprciated.
    i appologize for the long post but am extremely frustrated from not being able to figure this out as well as tired from the time ive spent searching for answers.
    just incase its not totally obvious - i have no experience using these things - and have no idea how to calculate voltages and amps and miliamps and milivolts, etc.,etc..
    definitely going for it and will be picking it up little by little though.
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    basing this off my Traxxas charger. Auto means the charger controls charge amps up to max amps set. Current limit is max amount of amps charging based on batt. Capacity divided by 1000. 3000 mah would be 3.0 amps. As far as discharge cut off voltage is # of cells X 0.9. A 6 cell pack would be 5.4 (6X0.9=5.4)

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    thanks for the feedback pro mod steve,
    im not trying to be a wise guy, but i still have no idea what youre telling i should do here.
    please understand this is all a bit too technical for so please explain if you can ...

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