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    Ken Block v2.0 Rebuild thread.

    Decided to do something a bit different with my Ken Block on this build. With the recent release of the Proline Camaro '11 for these cars I knew what shell I was starting with.
    Then it was just a matter of what I wanted to do.

    I bought 2 shells.

    One will be determined later on as far as how it is going to be painted. My painter gets artistic freedom on that one lol.

    The 2nd one, will get pained up 5-0 style. Complete with working Light-bar.
    It is going to be the chassis Black and White cop car look, white hood, roof and doors. Black everywhere else.
    Something along these lines, but the hood or at least the cowl section of the hood will be white as well.

    And aside from the stuff I cant change the color on just yet, or haven't received the parts to do so, I mean everywhere. Although I may leave the Green links, just because they actually look really cool against a solid black chassis.

    Changed over to RPM axle carriers as well.
    Rear differential is locked with the traxxas lockers.

    Did the tear down and clean up today, after getting everything dyed yesterday. Changed out a lot of parts for new, left me with a nice bag of spares (which knowing me will undoubtedly end up as a MERV or something).

    Light-bar is mocked up, I still need to decide where the switches are going to go, as well as the battery.
    I also need to find a nice and small rocker switch to turn them on and off completely, which is the only thing I was really surprised about with this kit, there is no power button.
    What I like about the kit is once everything is mounted it is independent of the chassis and 100% attached to the body, so no accidental wire breaks when popping the body off. (happened already with the roof light bar on my 1:10 Summit)

    Light-bar in action.

    More to come.
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