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    Post building my first Revo with Picco Red Dot, etc.

    Hi folks!

    I have a T-Maxx, Pretty standard apart from steel centre shafts, motor saver filter, larger fuel tank, Resonator, Picco .26 max red dot. It was the first and only nitro i've ever had. But, with the Revo being far superior in design, I've wanted one for a while now.

    So, I bought a Revo roller from ebay, thinking I'd just transfer everything needed from the maxx (engine, radio gear, wheels, etc.) bish, bash, bosh.

    this is what I got:

    As you can see, it's filthy! I'm currently in the process of stripping it and cleaning every inch of it.

    However, since getting it last week I've come to realise that there's not too much I can use from my Maxx
    I can of course use the Picco, wheels, er...

    So, question is, I was stripping down the rear end and have got to the rear diff. How do I judge it's condition? For example, If I hold the output/centre shaft and turn one of the drive shafts (so the other drive shaft turns in the opposite direction) should it lovely and super smooth?

    Cos i'm not sure it is

    Any help is much appreciated!!!

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    It depends what oil you have in the diffs. Light diff oil like 5k should be smooth almost as if there is no oil in it. What body do you plan to run? I'll be building a racing revo soon as funds will be up this month.
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    agree with mandime and as for the diff cup rotation as you describe is correct.. as for the spider gears in the diff.. it should be smooth if its not good chance something is wore out.. if it has a binding up feeling to it. possably on of the spider gears has a chip tooth, or just grit from lack of cleaning... Imy roller I bought off ebay had grease in the diffs. removed and cleaned the grease out and put spools front and rear. on my project revo

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