My factory receiver started acting up, so I decided to replace both the radio and receiver with Spektrum. I've been contemplating this purchase for quite some time and thought I'd take advantage of this Traxxas receiver failure to upgrade. I purchased the DX3C radio that comes with the SR300 receiver.

The first thing I noticed was the antenna wire was much shorter than the one on the Traxxas receiver. It would not reach the stock blue antenna tube. So I just left the antenna wire hanging out of the waterproof receiver box. I was not happy with the range so after researching the issue a bit on this and other forums, I decided to drill a hole in the top of the receiver box and route the antenna wire out the new hole into the antenna tube. See pictures.

This helped with the range but I'm still disappointed. I get maybe about a football field (100 yards). I talked to the LHS and they say this is normal. They claim Traxxas receivers use a coaxial antenna and as such they get tremendous range.

The fact of the matter is, this "upgrade" to Spektrum turns out to be a downgrade in the range department. Had I not known any better, I suppose I'd be satisfied with the range of Spektrum but experiencing the range with my Traxxas receiver, my expectations are higher.

Can you guys and gals with experience with Spektrum radios/receivers please let me know if this is normal? Also, if you've had a similar experience and overcame it, what did you do?

Thanks in advance for your help!