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    more than 1 trucks?

    Hey, i have got a HPI trophy buggy 3.5 nitro, and i am looking at getting either the slash 2wd, slash 4x4 or the merv and i was wondering if it is worth it. I know that they r better than the hpi but will i be able to do more with it or will it be more fun? Also which truck should i get out of the ones i have mentioned? I only bash!
    Thank you

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    Definitely get the slash 4x4. It is a fantastic basher, extremely durable, and very very fast.
    Slash 2wd is good too but it will not have as good of handling.
    The merv I have heard is not quite as durable and has weak diffs.
    For nitros I would keep your hpi. Hpi makes good engines.
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    The Slash 4x4 is awesome if you want a pretty fast, excellent handling, very durable truck. It's the slowest of the 3 you listed, but it will do 35 mph pretty easily, completely stock... and with the right setup, you don't even have to let off the throttle when you turn!

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    Although there's something to be said for just having one car you take good care of, having an electric truck is really fun to have. A Slash or Stampede 4x4, or even just a regular Stampede would be a ton of fun to have. Check them all out and see if any of them appeal to you. We're certainly happy to answer specific questions on each model.

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    I enjoyed my Merv, but it was very limited on where you could drive it. The Stampede 4x4 is a good basher. Even the 2wd version is great fun. That's my first choice. My slash is a fun basher, just not in long grass. But the thing takes a good beating.
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    I like the Slash 4x4 for its versatility and parts availablity. My new one just showed up yesterday.

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    ever consider buying a ERBE? that way you have your nitro HPI buggy and BL MT truck that can beat buggy/truggy on track, LOL.

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