New member here, just bought a Traxxas Summit this past week. Coming from Brushless Mamba Monster Emaxx; its a whole different category and i've always wanted a summit ever since i got back into RC.

After making my Emaxx into a trail truck there were to many limitations and i was wasting the advantages of its Brushless System.

Finally found a great deal on a Summit and after my first run out with it this past week. I was WAY MORE THEN impressed with it.
Its exactly what i was looking for in my RC hobby and cant wait to get it on our Sunday Trails.
We are a small group of friends that try to trail every sunday on all the different trails here on Oahu, Hawaii.
Here is a short video of some random footage we put together since we took the Summit out for a debut run. After this sunday look back to this thread for the newest trail footage of it!

There a few other videos on his channel, listed as Sunday|Trails. Those will showcase my emaxx as well and some of my buddies RC's.. all from emaxx's to erevos to comp crawlers.. and now finally a SUMMIT

Hopefully you guys enjoy our new updated videos every sunday!
I look forward to seeing everyone else's ideas and trucks

Our first Sunday|Trails Run, Manana Trail, Oahu Hawaii

Our second Sunday|Trails Run at Manana Trails, Oahu Hawaii
It was such a great run the first time and such a long hike we had to go back for a second run.
Total Trail length is about 7 Miles

We just picked up the GoPro Hero2 and have just got into this whole video trailing scene so that's all we have for now. We've done a few other trails that haven't had a chance to get any recordings from; so we start our journey fresh here. Enjoy!

ALOHA from Hawaii!