Hello. Just a quick question: have the ez peak plus and the dual charge board. Also have 2 x 5000mah lipos, and after every run one shows about 4V and the other about 3.8V.
As I'm on holiday I only took the charger and the dual board so I can only charge both batts with the dual board.
So here comes the question. After about 30 min, the charger says batt 1 reached 4.20V but batt 2 never charges above 3.87-3.88 V. It's normal or not? (my guess would be that the charger detects that 2 cells, that is batt 1 reached max V and then starts only to balance, so batt 2 cannot be fully charged)

Second, and related to this charger, did anybody changed the settings like max runtime (120min), or others?

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