Hey guys, I recently got my hands on a Kenblock rally in a trade, and I had a bunch of upgrades, so I threw them on, and im deciding to sell it now
Wondering, how much can i expect for this?
Has about 3 sets of pretty much NEW tires/wheels, including the original ken block wheels too
Has Traxxas Big Bore Shocks
Lunsford Titanium HingePins
Traxxas aluminum Pushrods all around
Traxxas Aluminum toe links all around
(Has original pushrods/links aswell)
Tenergy 2s 30c 1800mah Lipo Brand new, never used
Itegy heatsink w/fan
Proline Ford Focus Body Brand new
Yellow painted rally body Brand new

All you need is a Transmitter/reciever and your set to go!
Car has been run ONCE, just to test out if everything worked.