i may be alone on this one but i can't stand the look of the e-revo. what happened to the truck look of the nitro version? this thing looks like a cross between a stadium truck and a buggy with that hideous looking wing on the back. how many trucks do you see rolling around with a huge wing on the back?? i like my r/cs to look somewhat realistic. i am not bashing those who like the look of it as everyone is entitled to their own opinion which is why i am expressing mine.

how many of you switched bodies to make it look like the truck it should be?? could you please post some pics here?? i have a nitro revo and love it but i am strongly considering switching over to electric after seeing videos of the brushless edition in action. i have never seen one in person so i am curious if i would need different body mounts or anything else to add a normal truck body to it?? thanks in advance for any help.