I thought my new Pro-Line Epic beadlock rims and my Pro-Line Switch tires would come in the mail next week, not today! So far, I LOVE how they look! I've only used them once, because it got too dark! *Shakes fist at sky* But, I got to try them out on alot of differnt surfaces! I will mainly use them on pavment, and they have alot more grip on pavment compared to the stock ones. On grass, well, I think the new tires are almost worse than the stock ones, LOL! I tried them on gravel, and WOW! The grip is amazing! Much better than stock! Ther're a little bigger than the stock ones, so they fill in the wheel wells nicely. My only complant so far is if I flip my truck over on pavment, it's going to gouge up the metal red beadlocks. But overall I really like the rims and tires! Here is some shots of the tires on my Slayer right before I used them.