hello, i just bought my son the traxxas 30th anniversary grave digger for his birthday and decided to pick up the traxxas #2843 battery as it is showing it as the best battery for this truck in the book i got with it. i also picked up the EX Peak Plus #2933 Charger. the electric r/c world has changed a lot since i've ran electric vehicles and i am completely in the dark when it comes to dealing with the lipo batteries.

first off i know to set the ESC to green for the LVD, to charge & store the batteries in a lipo bag but i do have a lot of questions. i have read over the forums and couldn't find specific answers for a lot of them or too many different answers so here goes.
1. what charge settings should i set my #2933 charger for as far as amps? i am guessing it would 5.8 amps?
2. would i have to divide that in half if i were to balance charge the battery?
3. should i always balance charge the battery or should i do it every few cycles??

the info that came with the battery mentioned charging and discharging the battery for 5 or more cycles to get maximum life and performance from the battery so......
4. should i put this battery on the charge/discharge setting and let it run through a few cycles before using it??
5. what should my settings be for the charge/discharge cycle as for amps etc. ??

it mentions not letting the battery discharge below 70% of the batteries C rate which would be 145 amps if i am correct?
6. will the charger prevent it from discharging below 70% of the C rate or must i do something in the settings? if so what should those settings be?
7. when my son is running the truck, how will i know when it is time to stop running it and charge the battery? my concern is when he would be running the truck when i am not home. is there a specific sign that i could tell my wife to look for?? i've read threads that say as soon as you notice the truck starting to slow down?
8. how long can i keep the battery fully charged?
9. what should my settings be for the storage mode on the charger and how long can i store the battery after using this setting??
10. is there anything else i should know or do when delaing with the lipo batteries?? if so please let me know.
thanks all in advance.