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    Quote Originally Posted by phsycophantsy View Post
    Hey Craig,
    I recently bought a set of the Titanium Nitride Ring and Pinion set for the LST2 diff and they stripped in my second run of using my ERBE
    I noticed that there was a lot of play and movement within the bulkhead which was also broken, would this have any effect on the diffs being able to strip so easily?
    Hey mate, I can't report any issues with my diffs...especially the Titanium Nitride Ring and Pinion. They are holding up well and beside the front diff ring and pinion been replaced a couple months back, no issues with my diffs since doing this mod.

    As far as I am concerned these diffs are the real deal for the way I use my truck. Its so awesome to be able to go bash hard for a day and come home with no stripped diffs. In my experience diff slop in the bulkhead will cause you to strip gears.

    There should be no play on the diff and it should be nice snug fit held firmly in place. A diff floating in the bulk will strip gears every time. This is from my Summit build thread on how I went about trying to fix diff slop in the bulks.

    Quote Originally Posted by craig.mitch316 View Post
    One thing that drove me crazy with my eRevo was the ammount of slop the diff had in the bulkhead. I noticed a similar issue with the Summit bulkheads.

    I was going through my build last night and when I moved the drive shafts up an down, there it was, the slop. It wasn't as bad as the eRevo but it is something that will annoy me. I also think it was one of the main reasons I was stripping ring gears in the eRevo all the time.

    I thought if I could fill the gap in the bulkheads to keep the diff snug and in place I would get more life out of my diff gears.

    My solution, hot glue...the beauty with this is it is not permanent and very easy to remove. Hot glue sticks are fairly cheap too.

    The end result...the bulkhead took a whole glue stick. I am very happy with this and the way it is now, as I have eliminated all the slop the diff had in the bulkhead

    I will need to test this and see how it works...I am confident that this is a good solution. What is nice about this glue is that it dries like a soft rubber (almost like silicone); and will have good shock absorbing properties.
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