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    Nicks on pinion gear

    I am useing the stock 13T/54T gearing and my gear mesh is set just right. And i have the cover over the gears so no rocks can get to them. But after maybe 5 runs on my Slash 4x4 i removeed my motor to adjust my wireing layout. And i noticed there where small nick marks on the pinion gear's teeth. I dont know if i should worry about this or if it is normal. I am useing the stock 7cell 8.4v 3000MAH NiMH battery, My gear mesh is perfect too. It runs great and i dont notice any issues or hear any wierd noises. But it normal to see small nick marks on the pinion gears teeth?

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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. Trash can get into the gear area even with the cover on. If it starts eating spur gears, then I would replace it.
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    I put a piece of tape over the hole at the top of the gear cover when I'm running in gritty dirt. Some of the rocks that get thru the hole will total a plastic spur gear if it gets between the spur and pinion.
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