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    Street Dune

    I got the idea from THIS THREAD. As soon as I saw what he was proposing, I bought the body. There are a few challenges to get it to fit, since it is not meant to be full-body nor for the Rally. I made a custom front body mount, but got lazy and didn't want to make a rear mount nor have the mounting post come through the recess in the trunk, so I opted to mount the body a bit more forward than originally desired. I also got really lazy with the paint job after just having airbrushed a Slash bug body, so I just painted it black with silver window trim to get it over with. To my surprise, I loved it. Sometime less is more. I haven't cut the front and back windows for ventilation yet. The windshield is silver trimmed, but you can't tell due to the glare.

    Parma dune buggy body
    eRacing Pro turnbuckles and push rods (aluminum, so beware of breakage)
    Traxxas heatsink
    Traxxas center diff
    Traxxas wheel spacers for a mm or so of offset
    Traxxas black springs
    Traxxas tan springs
    Associated buggy wing
    HPI D-comp X-pattern tires on split 6 wheels, 0 mm offset
    25mm 5v fan from an electronics store
    Xt60 connectors
    ORX receiver
    custom front mount
    Diffs: 75k fr, 75k c, 30k r....I think
    Shocks: 30k fr, 20k r
    drilled new holes in front rockers
    There will be some from of rear bumper

    I haven't driven it yet, so I don't exactly know how it will handle compared to my other Rally

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