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    Lightbulb My Mamba monster Slash


    I wanted to share with you (If you didn't see the Kitteh298 post) My Slash with a mamba monster combo.
    First started like a very unusual idea I had, but thanks for Kitteh298 I had the inspiration.

    Here are somes pics:

    First I Changed the Gearbox to a Hot Racing gearbox(personally, I really like that gearbox):

    The gearbox mounted:

    The ESC:
    The first pic was before mount the motor

    This is the actual picture (Is in that position because the motor wires are very shorts)

    I attached the connectors(I really dont know why )



    Now, my "Little" friend, and my homemade cooling fan (Again, I really dont know why, just for be safe the motor is cool )

    The next pics are a bit old, maybe later I am going to update the pics:

    And that’s it
    My gearing is: testing 68/14 in 32p

    Batteries: 2x NiMH 8.4v 3000mah(Very decent power)

    Everithing is stock(suspension, driveline,....etc)

    My next upgrade is adapt my old watercooling system for my Mamba Monster Combo, LiPO battery, and maybe this driveshafts.
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