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    installing rpm axle arriers.

    I bought some rpm axle carries for my 1/16 road car. In the manual it say you adjust toe and camber with the exact same bolts. Wouldn't adjusting toe through off camber and vise versa creating a never ending process? Also I dont have a eye for camber and toe (i can tell a bit but not exact degrees) I ordered camber and toe gauges, would you guys recomend waiting until they arrive to install rpm axle carriers to get correct roe and camber measurements.
    Thanks in Advance, Dave Sandine
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    Not at all, just make a mental note of how far in the pillow balls are to the A-arms and put them back in that far. The geometry of the RPM carriers shouldn't be any different.
    Close enough that you wouldn't notice it anyways. You can always tweak the toe/camber later once you get your gauges.
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    Moving BOTH pillow balls adjusts toe
    Moving ONE pillow ball adjusts camber
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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