FfAs you might have noticed from my other threads, i am build my ken block for roadcourse handling and geting rid of anything that.would make it drift. A little oversteer and neutral steering (road racers call it a for wheel drift bit it is nothing like drifting in a drift car. ) A little ovetsteer and nuetral steering actually makes it faster and toad course.

Now finally to my question finally, when i am running 2s batteries i will run center diff, and recomendationd on xtatting difg fluid wieight. I am running 70w in front shocks,.50w in rears, fancy gtr- tin shaft sjocks with black springx and 20k on front diff a.d 10k in reR. I would run center diff with 3s hyperion lipos but eard that will destroy diff. Thanks in advance for any advibe.