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    Tachikoma1373's Baja Bug Build

    Hi folks, I know a Baja Bug build is hardly anything new but I figured I'd document and share it anyway. Since I'm on several forums both US and UK based I thought I'd share most of it via a facebook Album. The whole album is public so you won't need an account to view it (assuming you want to). I will be updating this thread but not all the pictures or videos (when there are some) will be included.

    I'm going for a scale (ish) look thats still great fun as a basher. The build is not complete yet, awaiting parts but you can see where I'm up to and follow progress here.

    I was given all this by a neighbour for nothing as "spares".

    Then I went through the process of RIT dyeing the chassis and tidying it up with the stock parts and a few bits I had lying around.

    I did all that whilst waiting for some parts. When those parts arrived I was little "disappointed". The Fastrax Wheels & tyres turned out to be so cheap the tread goes in opposite directions. I bet you know what they can do - FRO.

    Also got RPM front bearing carriers for the slash (one snapped), battery strap, front & rear body mounts, body clips, body clip holders and the most important thing....a really good quality Lexan Baja Bug body from Pro-line.

    I spent the early part of an evening giving the body shell an initial trim and trying to figure out the body mounting. Too high in this picture.

    Here's a clue for the colour scheme and decals. Just gotta wait for the detailing pens, get the paint and do some testing.
    The next evening I trimmed the rear ESC mount to allow the larger battery packs (LiPo and 7 cell Nimh) to fit in the tray and mounted the ESC off an 2nd hand Etronix Brushless system courtesy of ebay.

    The extra rear mount is from a Sand Rover kit, think its the Holiday buggy body mount.

    13.0T 3000Kv motor - nothing OTT but will hopefully do the trick :-)

    Inspiration for the build came primarily from here, here and here and there are some other pics in the facebook album.

    Haven't done anything on it tonight as I went out for a bash with the slash :-)
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