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    1/8th tire question and other slash 4x4 questions

    hi everyone, finally im working a little more, so i get to spend a little money on my hobbies, and been wanting to get stuff for my slash 4x4 for a while, but i have some questions before i do

    1) im thinking about getting 1/8th tires for my slash, though its still the stock system in it, havent upgrade to the mmp yet, but will eventually. i remember seeing a thread where some one mentioned that 1/8t tires balloon less and will handle better, and possibly help with higher speeds (i don't expect a huge increase, but i do speed runs with the high gearing and a 3s) i do mostly bashing on a 3s, so if 1/8th tires are better, ill get a set

    2) the heavy duty revo spec slipper clutch kit, i want to get that as well as the aluminum bearing adapter, but im not 100% of the heavy duty revo clutch kit, i don't want to buy the wrong thing, i think this is it though

    3) paddle tires for snow? yes or no? if i end up getting 1/8th tires, should i get 1/8th paddle tires?

    4) and since i plan on rebuilding the slipper clutch, i want to get a new 54t spur gear, it has a wobble, that i would like to get rid of, its a cheap part so i might as well replace it, but last time i got a spur gear, i ended up buying the center diff spur gear and it wont fit on the slipper, not even close, so if someone can please link me to a proper spur for the slipper clutch, it would be great.

    thank you for any help you can provide

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    I can help out on Q1: I really like 1/8 buggy tires for their looks and selection, but they will also balloon on speed runs if you don't tape them. Lately I've been buying Ofna buggy tires for cheap.

    On buggy tires, generally the sidewall isn't as tall as the stock tires so there's probably less material to balloon... that's just a seat of the pants evaluation. There is a huge selection of buggy tires that are both cheap and easy to find and buy so that's another advantage, and with the 17mm adapters you can get into some mac daddy Truggy tires and make yourself a Monster Truck.

    I have several MMP's and they are the best all-around bashing esc you can buy and they run well with the stock velineon motors... to make it work you'll have to change the motor bullet connectors to match the castle esc and solder on a traxxas plug for the battery.
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