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    How much should a used e-revo cost?

    What price would a used e-revo in good condition normally be sold for??

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    A roller can get you at 200, brushed ARTR range between 300-350, an EBRE ARTR 400-450. check out ebay you might find one for dirt cheap. i know someone found a used RTR ERBE for 350 with 2 lipos and charger along with it. the owner dont have time to play with it and want it out of his sight, i guess.

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    Check Craigslist over all imo. also has a nice BIG marketplace. I bought mine on Craigslist as ARTR brushed then found a month old Mamba system for 150. But if you are comfortable finding a good craigslist ad thats the best. I check all the major cities. I found my Buddy a g3R aluminum chassis revo with 4 lipos and a x4 charger for 900 bucks. Not bad considering the charger alone is like 400 new.

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    Found my used E-Revo with fried stock Titans about three yrs ago for $200. The rest of the truck looked perfect.We looked at another one for a friend about a month ago. Guy was asking $225 but it was really beat and we passed. That truck was posted on CL for about a month. Last time I saw it the asking price down to $150.

    Here's a tip. Look in places other than RC forums. The guys on these forums know what the trucks are worth. Your average Ebay'er or CL seller most likely doesn't have a clue.

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    Your average Ebay'er or CL seller most likely doesn't have a clue..

    yep they just want out of RC's & or they need some cash....
    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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    lol then there's the few that think it's worth more than a new one because it has an extra body and a high end NiMh charger. It might be worth the extra money buying one with a good hand full of hop ups.
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    Yeah you can search on ebay about this.

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