Ive recieved most of my parts, so I decided to start a build thread since I havent seen many of them when it comes to a gt or rally car conversion. I have a few pics of the build so far. Im using the power system out of a savage xs so its completely waterproof. The shocks are hpi w duratrax springs, but I made them progressive in the rear. I really want to stay as light as possible, so I will be using 2s 4000mah batteries and also have titanium links. I have strc and rpm parts, and ceramic bearings. The only traxxas parts left are the servo and transmission, which I may go aluminum with later. Its shown w blitz wheels, but Im getting rid of those and prolly going with 17mm gt tires or j-concepts g-locs.

Next thing is going to be body work, then tires. I have a Protoform 1/8 PF8-GT body on its way.