I am wondering what the voltage input is on the Micro 2216 receiver.
my guess is 6volts but I just want to make sure that it is.
receiver packs come in 5cell ni-xx which is 6volt..
my ESC puts out 5 volt 3 amp.. before I switched out my ESC (Stock xl5) with a brushless I was able to drive at least 500ft away with no problems now I can't even go 100ft away with out it glitching and not working right.. (unless I lift the transmitter up to extend the range)
I replaced the Transmitter wire thinking that it was maybe a break in the line???
nothing has worked.. all batteries are fully charged and I Always have used NIMH in the transmitter and didn't have this problem until I changed out the ESC....
my guess is that the ESC (castle creations SV2) doesn't put out enough voltage to Power the Receiver to give it Max Range
Is there a way that I can add a battery pack to the receiver?? the ESC has BEC and I don't want to add more voltage and cause a melt down on the receiver Or ESC..

I've looked all over the net for specs on the 2216 receiver but have only found the size.. not volts.
I read that a lot of people with after market ESCs have the same problem... I've also found that most of those ESCs put out 5 volt.. NOT 6 volt..
if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it and thank you for any help.