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    Purchase a Slash?

    Hi guys, already have some experience with ERBE & EMBE and have been thinking of getting a Slash as I hear very many good things about them. Have my eye on the Ultimate Edition maybe. Was just wondering what general consensus is out there and if anyone had any tips or advice before I take the plunge. Thanks.
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    I would highly reccomend the Slash. I have the regular 4x4, and have done a ton of damage. But yet, the only thing that broke was the rear shocks after I slammed them on the top of a jump. I would reccomend an ESC fan and replacement shocks and A-arms. As for your choice in the Ultimate, I have no experience with the Ultimate or Platinum. I do know that the 4WD is the way to go though. It is EXTREMELY durable, and goes pretty fast out of the box. An EZ-Peak charger and extra battery is also a must. It is extremely easy to maintain and offers a wide variety of upgradeable parts. Overall, the Slash is a great addition to your collection.
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    I would defiantly think about getting the Ultimate Edition, if you're planning on upgrading parts on the stock version. Cheaper in the long run.

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    You will love your slash 4x4 more than your other rc's!!!
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    I suggest getting an Ultimate or Platinum roller. That way you can upgrade the motor system from the start! Don't get me wrong, the VXL is a good system but the 2400 Castle system is WAY better! Not as sensative to heat and can be geared to be faster than the stock system.
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