Firstly I'd like to say, I just spend THREE HOURS getting this system to work. I work at a hobby shop and it was the first time in five years of working here that I was willing to give up on getting a customer's product to function correctly. Hopefully I can give some quick tips that will save someone else from having such a severe headache.


DO NOT bother with the traxxas directions on the site, they have pictures and directions from older software and it is misleading. I spent alot of time trying to figure out why things were missing on certain pages. Anyhow here's a fast how to, in getting this to work. On the final round of trying when we got it, we also deleted the traxxas app and redownloaded and installed it, that may have been the ticket as well, I suggest trying it if you have problems. Before hand nothing would stay linked.


Everything needs to be bound like your car and controller. Start with everything turned off and your iphone or touch attached and the traxxas app open. After doing any of the following three steps, it may prompt you to update the software, simply just click and do it.

-Hold set, turn on controller, release set button, controller will blink red. Hold the set button on the finish line, turn it on. The light on the controller should now be green. Turn everything off.

-Hold set on the finish line, turn on, release set button. Hold set button on the tree, turn on, release. There should be some musical notes and flashing. Turn everything off.

-Hold set button on controller, turn on, release button. Hold set button on the tree, turn on, release button. Controller light should be green.

I don't think the order actually matters but this is exactly how we did it and I wasn't going back to try it a different way lol.

Basically to start you need to bind everything together as one whole unit, by having done this all three pieces of this system know that they are supposed to be friends.


Binding allows the parts of the system to know each other exist, linking lets the system know that it's time to play.

-To get going, set up your drag strip with your reflectors and all. Turn on the remote. Turn on your tree and finish line. For these to communicate and know where each are located, once on, hold set on the finish for about two seconds, it'll give tones and check all four sensors. Then hold the set button for two seconds on the tower. The green icon on the right top of the iphone/touch should appear.

If all went correctly the DTS should be linked with your controller. On your phone/touch, go to garage, DTS, diagnostics. This will check to see if all the lasers and whatnot are set correctly. If not, readjust and check the system again.


Now this is a confusing part if your reading the directions on the site and it's way simplified, so kudos to the software developers, inappropriate finger gesture to those who update the instructions on the website.

Simply go into connect (located next to the DTS icon in garage). Click set transmitter into link mode and very quickly turn on the car.

That's it, you should be set up and ready. You can play around in the DTS settings for your racing setup and start a race. When your done with your race, click results and you'll see your time and speed. Click the tiny timeslip icon in the bottom right and you can get your full slip on a "piece of paper" which is by far the coolest part.

Questions I had that traxxas answered:

1: How do I make another controller the "master"
Say your playing by yourself and want to move your iphone to another remote and car. Plug your phone into the new remote, go to link, hold the set button on the tree for two seconds and the controller will be bound to the tower and be able to edit and make races

2: How do I get multiple controllers linked?
You only have to bind the one controller to the tower to make the races, any other phones can be linked by clicking the find fellow racers button (I actually forget what the exact name of the button, it may have been racer pool or something like that). As long as everyone's phone is in bluetooth mode you can link to a racing group through there and everyone can get the timeslips.

I hope this helps, I'll try to answer any questions too, or the traxxas guys can chime in if I have it wrong, of if anyone has input. It's basically three steps, bind, link, drive.