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    Anyone running two cooling fans?

    Hi guys, picked up a brushless Mustang a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying it a great deal. It's all stock except for the 4Tec wheels and tires which went on straight away. My question is about reducing temps of the ESC and motor. On an SPC 2S lipo (all else stock) the motor temp was 165f and the ESC was 135f. This was after about 15-17 minutes making straight runs up and down the street where I would build up to wide open throttle on each run. I have no intention of running 3S as I tried that and it was just too much to be fun. So I will stick to single 2S packs or dual 2S in parallel. My concern though is on parallel 2S I'm thinking temps may be an issue. I know I could do a smaller pinion but as is I was thinking of trying dual cooling fans. Has anyone done this successfully? I have the Integy heatsink/fan combo for the motor which I haven't tried yet but I was also thinking of putting one in front of the ESC to move some air across it. I will
    open up some holes in the body as well. If I added the second fan how would one hook that up? In series or parallel with the motor fan? Can someone help? Thanks fellas!

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    I use my Mustang for drifting lately. I run dual SPC lipos in parallel. When it is warm (>80F), I take a cooling down break once during a session of around 45-60 minutes. Yesterday I have driven around 50 minutes without problems (around 65F). Motor 160F, ESC 140F). Since the motor is the hotter of the two, I suggest you can use a fan for the motor.
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    Purchase a heat sink for the motor and then get some air flow through them by opening up the windshield. Otherwise that heat will just hibernate inside the body.
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    if you ran the fans in series they would turn half as fast as they should .if you are staying with a 2 cell muchmore racing's ultra high speed fan flows some good air!

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    Hello all,

    I'm having the same problem with the ESC going into thermal shutdown after about 8-10 minutes of running dual NiMH in series. I just ordered a couple of MuchMore fans for the ESC's and plan on installing them in my Boss & KB Fiesta, but I want to get more cooling through the body without cutting the windshields out. I'm going to cut the Foglights out in the grille of the Boss to test it out first. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
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