Decided to pass down the old vxl motor to one of my other P2des and upgrade the HR P2de XL with a Traxxas/Castle ET-2400 Motor. I had originally planned to also use an ET-3S esc and the TQi Radio system as well, but found out that the TQi receiver will not run my steering servo without making it twitch and heat up very quickly. Also, I cant seem to get the ET-3S esc to calibrate with any other remote other than the TQi, and since the TQi wont run my servo, that killed the plans to use both the new radio and the esc. No worries though, cuz my Duratrax/Castle Element Esc is very much up to the task of powering the ET-2400 motor on 3s lipo and my trusty old flysky gt3b radio will do just fine until i can figure out what the deal is with the TQi messing with the steering servo. I currently have it geared with 48 pitch gearing at 21/86 to start with, but will be going up in gearing quite a bit since my motor and esc temps were only at 80F after a full 5400mah 25c 3s pack, and i would like a bit more top end. The ET-2400 motor is very capable, has very minimal cogging at low speed and gives far more power than the vxl at a much cooler temperature. This motor has also added quite a bit of runtime, making my thunder power 5400mah 25c 3s lipo last for an impressive 55mins, which is about 10-15 mins longer than the vxl motor. Hopefully Traxxas will consider replacing the VXL with th ET-2400 in their current and upcoming releases.

The next upgrade to my truck was something i came upon by winning a cheap auction on ebay. I was looking to give my truck the Losi Treatment, so i was hunting for a decent deal on some 8th scale Losi 8ight shocks and i came across some knock-offs that didnt look too bad. So for the heck of it, I threw in a bid for 20 bucks and sure enough i won. I figured that if they last me a few months i will have got my moneys worth out of them. They arrived ten days later, and to my surprise they are built pretty well and look good too. I filled em up with 30wt, grabbed some shock mounting spacers out of the parts bin and bolted them up. You can see in the following picture just how big they are compared to the teambluestar shocks (botttom) and the Traxxas Ultras (middle). They perform really well and best of all, they dont leak! I will be replacing the rod ends wih some aluminum ones as soon as they arrive because ive been having a lot of shock rod end breaks lately due to some big launches and flip attempts. At least my steering and camber link bends and rod end breakages are a thing of the past since i installed the 5mm axial tube links.

Ive also been honing my mid air manipulation skills, check it out:

I love freestyle bashing with any kind of vert ramp, i wish there were some kind of competitions available for wheelies, flips and tricks with R/C vehicles. That would be soooo cool.

Thanks goes out to Thedreadedend and Ksb51rl for recommending the Ofna mt splits wheels which have been indestructible so far. After shattering several sets of rpm wheels, I was beginning to think that replacing wheels was going to be a common occurence (and a severe pain in the butt), thankfully theres good guys like these around here to steer us in the right direction. Being so busy at work has left me with little to no time for forum posting or r/c repairs, so all the help in getting my truck to be bulletproof is very much appreciated as it keeps me and my son bashing worry free during the very few free minutes i do have.

Thanks for reading guys, and if anyone with TQi radio experience could throw me some pointers as to why the TQi 5 channel receiver wont run my servo, i would be very thankful. Oh yeah and its not the ET-3S esc BEC that is causing the servo issues, because i can install the flysky rx with the ET-3S and the steering will work flawlessly but i cant get the esc to calibrate or accept the throttle commands from the flysky. Strange.... Maybe Traxxas has limited the ET-3s esc for use only in the Nhra funny car? And only for use when paired with the TQi Radio? Help Please!!! lol