While charging batteries last night, I connected my voltmeter to the alligator clips and found there was LIVE VOLTAGE! The covers for the clips do not completely stay on and I have concerns that they may spark, short out or in some way damage the charger if touched together.

I am suprised that there are no diodes to prevent DC current on the clips when plugged in to AC.

Also, I get aggravated by the DC charger input wires dangling around all the time. I have thought about clipping the wires and installing covered molex or banana connectors on the remaining (shorter) wires. If the banana or molex plugs were used, I could then use the included cable to charge Pb batteries with the clips. Since I would only charge Pb batteries with AC, the clips would not be needed on the "other side" of the charger at the same time. This way I can charge my "charging" battery with my charger...

Geez, you would have thought the product engineer would have thought of that!

Anyone else done this?