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    Correct voltage of a discharged nimh?

    so, i am running traxxas nimh 7 cell 3000mah battery (8.4v). I have read around on here and have found a few debates of whether or not to run the car until it doesn't move, or to stop when you notice a decrease in performance of the car. I used to run them as far as they would go then let them cool and put them on the charger. just this last time tho i decided to stop when i noticed a performance drop. i brought them in and checked the voltage. 8.8v. now, i know that when a battery pack is fully charged it will have excess voltage of what the pack is "rated" for. but my question is: does the battery still have a higher voltage than what it is rated for even after the battery is discharged? Or better yet, what is the minimum amount of voltage a battery can have before you hurt it?

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    the 8.4 is the nominal voltage,(resting voltage/description of pack)
    Don't let the pack go under 1.1V per cell. Your 8.8V would be 1.2V per cell, providing the back is still balanced,which is good.
    Going lower than 1.1V regular will shorten the battery life, reverse cell polarity and just generally loose it's punch.
    A nimh charged is about the 1.4V mark. Higher than 1.5, it's being overcharged.
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