This is a continuation from post #12.

I have recently decided to change my 17mm HPP hex adapters for the Integy 6mm offset hex adapter as I want the HPP adapters for another build.

I ended up getting these ones for my is a comparison of the HPP vs Integy adapter.

I was excited when I received them in the post as I waited long enough for them to arrive .

Needless to say upon closer inspection I was disappointed that their was no stub axle pins supplied...I had some on hand but they were to short.

The ones I had were just under 12mm long as seen above, they were just too short by 1mm or so. I made my own instead...I took 4 x 2.5mm hardened steel drill bits and cut the shank to size and chamferred the ends.

I cut them all to 13mm in length.

The end result, a nice fit...I probably should of cut to 13.5mm in length. We will see how we go and how it holds up...In theory it should be OK.