Feel I now have a rear steering system that the rear of the truck will have to be tore off for it to fail.
Going to try and explain, with pics of what I did. The servo is not on but will be attached the same way as Post #29 with a lot less screws in the whole works.
Material used- 1-Traxxas Part #5344 metal tube out of the middle shortened appox.1/16"
1-Traxxas Part #5337 Skid Plate Set Front, used rear plate and cut out the part where the screw holds the servo saver.
1-Traxxas Part #3931 Flat Head Machine Screw 3x8mm
1- Traxxas Part #5343X, Only Hot Racing's alum. equal with both arms cut off and center rounded off.
1-1/4" Solid tubing drilled threw and tapped for 3mm screw. (sorry forgot to measure length)
1-Traxxas #5314 Rear Body mount with 1/4" hole drilled (forgot to measure depth)
1- Hot Racing Servo Saver
1-2 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 3/8" Plexiglas. Drilled 1/4" dia. threw and counter sunk approx. 3/16" to accommodate The Traxxas Part # 5343X replacement. this part is also not threaded.

Here are the parts laid out before assembly.

Front side of body mount showing location of 3 x 8 mm flat head machine screw

Back side of body mount showing location of alum. tubing.

Partially assembled.

Another view of partial assembly

continued next post.