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You will need to make a mounting plate for the tekin esc.i used a piece of thick lexan some heavy duty Velcro and a couple zip ties.im sure you will do something better.just be careful,the tekin and a 2000kv motor even on 4s
Is a monuMENTAL amount of power
It is pretty much impossible not to dip into it wayyyy to often.lol

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Thanks jamann

Didn't even think about the batteries, so guess it will not run on 2's; rats means more money
Did not really want to hear it was going to have that much more power, might have to get the MIP's for the axles and use red lock tight and shrink wrap to keep the grub screws in. But is mostly going to be going SLOOOW .... I know with extra power there it's hard to keep from using it, hmm itchy finger