I would first like to thank this forum and it's members for all there help. I've been meaning to start this for a while now but wanted to have somthing to show before I got all squirreled up.

Here goes:

A friend and I decided to buy ourselves a Summit after years of drooling over them. A Conneticut Kawasaki dealership's good deal sent us over the edge and we pulled the trigger.

So I started designing 4ws...something I've always wanted....

The design has come along way since its first conception...in my defense I based the initial design off my revo...since they are somewhat similar...to say the least it has changed drastically.

About a week later they fiiiiiiiinally arrived.

After some first hand testing and reading we first decided to replace the oem decorative beadlocks with heavy steel faux beadlocks to give ourselves some traction for climbing steep obstacles.

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