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    Best Nimh Battery for XL5 Rustler?

    Hello everyone. Next week I'm going to purchase the XL5 Rustler. I know it comes with a 3000 Mah Battery, but whats the best Nimh battery I can get for longer run time in which the Titan motor will be okay to

    The Traxxas 7 Cell 5000 Mah 8.4 volt and the 7.2 volt Tenergy 3800mah are the ones I've recently looked

    (Will eventually switch to Lipo in the future by the way)

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    The move from 3000 Mah to 5000 will increase run time...and the 8.4 volts will keep the punch you already have with the Traxxas option.

    The Tenergy, based on numbers will be slower and shorter length than the 5000 Mah.

    Most agree the Traxxas are high quality...I do not have experience with Tenergy, but my 5000 Mah Venom barely outlasts/out runs the stock Traxxas battery.

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