Hi all
I believe I have the cure for the flipping Slayer. I have the original Slayer with the upgraded with the Slayer PRO suspension arms only. Not the chassis. Sway bar kit, and what I think is the fix are the Revo springs. I used the Traxxas Revo trx5439 Gold springs on the front and the trx5445 purple on the rears. I know alot of you will say they are way to stiff. Not at all, just the right amount of sag and the give alot of restance to bottoming out. The springs are shorter, just adjust the tension nut on the shock body to take up the slack. I used 5w30 motor oil in the shocks, but the back end is alittle bouncy, may try heavier weight oil in the rear end only, front is good. Drove it this weekend with this set up and couldn't believe how awesome the truck drove on road and in rough grave. Give it a try.......I know it will transform your Slayer. Traxxas should look at this set up it worked that awesome. Let me know if any of you try it yourselves. I have being messing with my Slayer for over 3 summers now. Now it is perfect.