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    Exclamation Mamba Monster 2 in Traxxas Summit!?

    Purchased a MM2 Today. I have little to no experience with RC as its been a long time since the last time I was hard core into it. I would like to know some of the basics....
    1. What is cogging.. How can I fix it?
    2. What should I avoid doing with the truck?
    3. I dont need to change the gears right... UGH!
    4. What does break.. How can I avoid it?
    5. What do I NEED to make the truck not overheat and break.

    Traxxas Summit. NO UPGRADES BESIDES THE MM2.
    Two, Two Cell 500 mah Lipo Batteries


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    You "can" just throw the MM2 in and be good, but IMO you benefit by dropping the pinion about 2 teeth. You get lower end punch for crawling and still faster than the stock motor. I'm running 11/72 and it's still plenty fast. Make sure your slipper clutch is set properly (I like mine about 1/8 to 1/4 turn loose from full tight) that will keep the diffs happy for a while.

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