Hi there,

As my EVX-2 went up in smoke, I'm thinking about getting a brushless system for my summit.
I'm adding a camera to it so I can drive it FPV, therefore my goal is not speed (I don't need a lot more top speed for it) but endurance and power.

I'm usually flying quads, planes and helis, and I have no idea about car motorization.. that's why I'd like to ask for your input for the following criteria:

- Powerful brushless control & motor (efficiency)
- Focus is not on top speed
- Would be nice if it is still waterproof (although I doubt this is possible without a lot of effort)
- Not too expensive (no high end mamba stuff)

I would be thankful if you can give me some starting points or similar setups of people not focusing on top speed with the summit but an overall efficient system.

Thanks a lot,