Hello my fellow Traxxas users!
I have had the Tmaxx 3.3 for about a year now and love it. It is a really great hobby and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. It was my first RC vehicle (which nitro probably wasn't a great idea) and have upgraded the A arms, shocks, tons of spur gears, glow plugs, made a custom body, fixed a broken engine mount etc. I have been having some engine problems with it lately. A few months ago at a party my friend wrecked it into a curb at full speed (I DEFINITELY should not have let him drive it) and since then I have been working to fix the suspension, skid plate, and a bunch of other small parts that ended up costing me a fortune . I finally ended up getting everything fixed but the next time I ran it the engine has been running VERY rich and has been smoking extensively. Any attempt to lean it either makes it bogg down or make it not able to idle. I have spent a lot of time adjusting the HSN and the LSN but no luck. I noticed that the HSN was a little chewed up so I bought a new one, along with a glow plug. Didn't make a difference. I have only ran one gallon of fuel through it so the engine definitely shouldn't be going old. Also I take care of my engine and don't run it too lean so it shouldn't be burning up by any means. The darn thing was even smoking out of the top of the head a little at the end of my attempts of tuning. I really, really home I don't have to buy a new engine. Any responses are greatly appreciated.